NFA Ownership Process

The process to buy a Silencer/Suppressor

(or any other NFA item)

The two primary methods of possession are through “Personal Ownership” and through an “Entity” such as a corporation or a Revocable Trust.  While any specific legal questions about ownership should be addressed to your personal attorney, the basic theory is that ownership through an “Entity,” while a bit more complicated, does afford some benefits and other protections that “Personal” Ownership does not.

Once you have decided HOW you will possess your NFA item, all we need to do is proceed with the paperwork and application process. This sounds easier than you think and can be very intimidating for most, but once you do your first one you will quickly get the hang of it.  It is important to remember that in order for the process to get started the item needs to be “in hand” here at the store before we can start sending applications in to the BATFE. If we have the item in stock then we can quickly start the application process. If we need to order it or if you have purchased the item elsewhere and need to have it transferred into our License first, please be aware that that part of the process can take several weeks to complete and MUST be completed prior to applying for your ownership.

Once we have the item here you will need to do the following steps, depending on what type of ownership you decide.

For Personal Ownership:

1. Bring your Drivers License and two (2) “Passport” style photographs by the store and we will prepare the BATFE Form 4 or “Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm.”

2. Once completed you will need to make an appointment to visit with your County Sheriff and obtain a “C.L.E.O.” signature.  C.L.E.O. is an acronym for Chief Law Enforcement Officer. In almost every case that position is held by the County Sheriff and NOT a local Police Chief.  A0ll of the Sheriff’s in this area are well versed in completing this stage of the process so there is no need to be nervous.

3. While there at the Sheriff’s Office for your C.L.E.O. interview, you will need to have a pair FBI Finger Print Cards made by a deputy there. These are specialy labeled cards that We have here at Crossroads Shooting Sports so make sure you tak a pair from here with you to your C.L.E.O. appointment. The BATFE will NOT accept any cards not labeled correctly.

4. Once all that is finished, you will return to the store and we finish up the application packet by filling out the “Certificate of Compliance.” This basically is a sworn statement of your citizenship.

5. Last step is to include a check, credit card number or money order for the $200.00 Transfer Tax and send it all to the Feds and start the waiting process.

For “Entity” Ownership:

 1. Bring a copy of your Trust and or Corporate documents, and any Supporting documents needed, by the store. Since there is not any requirements for passport photographs, C.L.E.O. authorizations or finger printing with this type of ownership, the process is streamlined a bit.  We will still need to prepare the Form 4, the Certificate of Compliance and include the payment of the Transfer Tax.

2. Once all that is compiled, the same wait time is typically encountered for approval.

Upon notification from the BATFE, I will notify you of the results and have you come get your item out of “NFA Jail.”

See, A simple Process…